Dewayne J. McClary


LeiLani Cauthen
Dewayne McClary is that rare combination of intellect, action and compassion. When I first met him, I was not aware of the depths of his achievements for students, or his championing of his team. Over the many times we have interacted, I have come to see that he consults and admires those who work alongside of him. It’s in his gaze and manners. Also, that he represents a precious knowledge of his community.  Dewayne helped craft a software model architecture for learning that everyone at DCPS can be proud of.
Sakon Kieh
Manager, Educational Technology - District of Columbia Public Schools
Few people have the opportunity to work with a leader that is just the best all around! We've all heard and seen the infamous quote "employees don't leave companies, they leave managers." I am happy to say I've worked with Dewayne for over four years and counting at DC Public Schools. His forward thinking leadership coupled with his ability to provide support to our team in various areas so that we exhibit growth not only professionally but also personally is rare to find. Dewayne is a joy and blessing. I am glad we get to partner with him everyday in "doing right by students!
Janet Corson
Coordinator, Library Programs - District of Columbia Public Schools
I have been acquisitions librarian for the District of Columbia Public Schools for the past four years. In this capacity, I have gotten to know Dewayne McClary as a talented and flexible leader. Over this course of time, Dewayne rose far beyond any reasonable expectation for leadership when Library Programs and other departments were abruptly added to his responsibilities as Director of Educational Technology.
Dewayne McClary understands the work and priorities of new groups that come under his purview within a matter of days. Having gained such understanding, he is a link and an advocate in the chain of command that supports those new divisional needs without neglecting previous responsibilities. As one example of his talent, I saw his approach to leadership very directly when Library Programs staff was drastically cut. Dewayne stepped in to support not just remaining Central Office staff but also Library Media Specialists throughout the District. Without Dewayne’s exceptional vision as well as implementation skills, Library Programs would have dissolved.
He has optimized the synergies of divisions that historically have been viewed separately. In very short order he brought competitive groups together working in concert to provide students at DCPS more resources with very different delivery modalities. Dewayne accomplished this not by relying on his organizational authority, but rather by recognizing and drawing upon individual competencies and building a culture of cooperation to form a well-functioning team. This points not just to his technical qualifications but much more importantly to his leadership qualities that are part of his core. Beyond being an advocate, he is the ideal mentor. He demonstrates a personal commitment to the success and growth of his staff. His departure from DCPS has left a hole in leadership. The organization that can count him among its staff is most fortunate
Tiffany S. Galloway
Director, Special Education Inclusion - District of Columbia Public Schools
Dewayne represents and advocates for inclusion, audaciously calls out inequities that result in disparate outcomes for historically marginalized groups--specifically students with disabilities, multilingual learners, and students from low socio-economic backgrounds. He supports systems leaders in strengthening instructional practices to benefit widening educational impact for all students. He is an incredible connector of people, an astute listener that values benefit widening educational impact for all students. He is passionate, committed to this work, equity-minded, and a demonstrated leader in the field.